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I think I can say that I am a world-citizen “equipped” with a global mind, but able to think in local proportions. I was born in Budapest, have lived in Vienna, Chicago and Geneva, where I built up a successful HR & Coaching business from scratch. After having obtained two internationally recognized and certified diplomas in Coaching and Mentor Coaching, I threw myself into this profession, I passionately loved from the first moment. I build fantastic relationships with my clients, and it’s amazing to watch them “waking up”, understanding and getting control of their lives.

I now have several hundreds of hours of Life Coaching and Mentor Coaching experience, mixed with a varied and international HR background, gained in Geneva – Switzerland. I had the chance to work with clients from over 20 nationalities, from five continents, in five languages. These people came from an incredible variety of cultural, professional, educational, economic and social background, with all imaginable problems to handle. Thanks to this experience I can help you out from almost every – even seemingly hopeless – situation.

I am passionate about understanding human nature and relationships; search and read a lot and try to understand – sometimes at first sight invisible – correlations and explanations, so that we can map them out together with you.  

By seeing your life in a brand new – and up to now unimaginable – light, solutions sometimes pop up simply, you just need to reach out for them…

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Happy Clients About Me


I am really grateful for Monika Fert for our coaching sessions, that have completely changed my life. Everything that I thought, sensed and read became for me an anxiety-loaded fog that depressed me more and more. Monika has gently accompanied me in the discovery of my real deep self, that remained blocked behind education, obligation, profession, culture and family.
Now I can understand myself and others much better, and create a harmonious atmosphere within and around me.

I had the opportunity to take coaching sessions with Monika Fert. She coaches in her own special way which is better than the regular manner of doing and it really works. She is unique, efficient, dedicated and passionate about her work. Ms Fert has been the light that I needed, she changed my whole life. I strongly advise her professional services to anyone.

You did a lot for me in a period of my life when I needed energy, help, guidance and human warmth. You gave all this to me, and I am profoundly grateful to you for that.

I had 15 coaching sessions with Monika, and have to say that her advice and the whole process allowed me to face my future again with serenity and optimism. She sees people and situations crystal clearly. I would like to thank her and say how much I appreciated our work together.

Monika is a professional Coach who throws herself into her work, and supports her clients 100%. She is atypical, intuitive, intelligent, and mixes very efficiently her HR and coaching experience. She knows how to approach and understand the difficulties people might encounter in their professional and private lives. I warmly recommend Monika to any client – private or institutional – whose priority is to understand exactly and handle consciously their situation, and to make the right decisions.

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Self-esteem / self-confidence

Self-esteem / self-confidence

How do you like what you see in the mirror?
What about your self-confidence?
And your self-esteem?

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Are you happy?
Can’t decide whether to stay or go?
Do you feel free to be yourself?

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Do you feel manipulated at home or at work?
Is anybody trying to make you feel guilty or obliged all the time?
Do you fear a person without knowing exactly why or how?

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