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  • Do you feel manipulated at home or at work?
  • Is anybody trying to make you feel guilty or obliged all the time?
  • Do you fear a person without knowing exactly why or how?
  • Do you feel like having lost or given away your power?
  • Are you allowed to be yourself, think, feel and decide for yourself?
  • Or you can’t think, see and feel clearly anymore?
  • Do you feel like being controlled?
  • Would you like to stop, resist and get out of the trap of manipulation?
  • How to get back your integrity and free will?
  • Is your relationship healthy?

If necessary, we change your old and dysfunctional patterns, which are important to understand. As a result, you will be able to face your situation and your maniplator with new energy and a new attitude. You will be back in the game by understanding and applying the rules. You will have a crystal clear picture of who is playing in which team, and with what strategy.